It’s often tough to explain the happiness that the believer is feeling during his spiritual quest all along his pilgrimage. One of the most beautiful ways to love the holy land is to come visit it as a pilgrim.

Walk where the Christ set his foot is an essential gesture of faith and love.

The pilgrimage is not only a time dedicated for the search of God. It is, in fact, the condition of the man on the road to his kingdom, who is discovering the pillars of the Christian faith

Let ourselves be touched by the words, exactly where it appeared in the skin of Jesus Christ, son of God: in the holy land.

Tourism of the World favors the top places of the Christian tradition as well as the destinations where it is possible to follow a qualitative spiritual path, by always respecting everyone’s love and faith.

Daily masses and time of prayer on the holy places

8 days/ 7 nights program example

      Tours depend of the flight plans

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Day 1

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel-Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Welcome and reception at the airport by our team that will assist if needed for the police and custom formalities

Transfer to the hotel

Visit of Jaffa (the Joppa in the Bible), where one of the oldest ports in the world is located, and where Jonas tried to escape God. We will see the house of Simon the Tanner where St Peter brought Tabitha back to life.

Visit of the Franciscan St Peter’s Church

Mass at St Peter’s Church

Walk and relaxing time in Tel Aviv

Diner at night at the hotel in Tel Aviv


Day 2

Galilee: Caesarea – Mount Carmel – Haifa – Zippori (Sephoris)


Driving along the Mediterranean coast, we will reach Caesarea Maritima:  visit of the remains of the port town created by Herod the Great and that became, at the beginning of the Christian era, the capital of the roman procurators. St Paul and St Peter have left their mark in this city (conversion of the centurion Cornelius). 

Mount Carmel, Mukraka, linked to the prophets Eli and Elisha (I King 18,14)

We will stop in a Druze village, part of Israel’s mosaic, and eat there in a restaurant.

Then, we will go to Haifa: visit of the Carmelites Monastery and the Church Stella Maris.

Daily Mass. 

View on the Persian Hanging Gardens and panorama on Haifa’s bay.

Let’s go to Zippori, where was born Mary, the mother of the Christ. The Franciscan Church St Ann dedicated to the virgin is erected on the site.

Dinner and night in Nazareth


Day 3

Nazareth – Cana – Mount Tabor – Mount Precipice


Nazareth: visit of the Basilica of the Annunciation, the Holy Grotto (Luc 1: 26-28)

Mass in the Basilica of the annunciation

Visit of the Paleo Christian baptisteries, the Church St Joseph, place of the workshop, the church of the synagogue at the heart of Nazareth’s souk, and Mary’s Well at the Church St Gabriel.

Let’s go to Cana, village of Nathanael’s nuptials where Jesus realized the miracle of the water’s transformation into wine.

Lunch at the restaurant

Let’s go to Mount Tabor

Visit of the Franciscan Church of Transfiguration (Mat 17, 6-13; Luc 9, 28-36)

We will go to the Mount Precipice, place where Nazareth’s population wanted to throw Jesus from the highest mount of the village.

Dinner and night at the hotel in Nazareth


Day 4

Capharnahum – Tabgha – Mount of Beatitudes – Tiberias Lake – Qasar el Yahud – Jericho – Bethlehem


Let’s go to the Holy places that punctuate Jesus ministry around Tiberias Lake.

Mount of Beatitudes: it’s on this hill that Jesus delivered the Sermon of the Mount with eight beatitudes. We will read the biblical part of the famous speech of Jesus (Mat 5-7, Luc 6:17-49)

Daily Mass

Capharnahum (Kfar Nahum): top place of the Christianity since Jesus lived in the village and made it center of his public ministry. Visit of the house of St Peter’s mother-in-law, of the white synagogue (Mat 4, 13 &9,1), etc.

Tabgha, Epthagon, site of the miracle of the multiplications of the loaves and the fishes, and the appearance of Jesus after the resurrection. In the site, there is an antic byzantine church as well as the Church St Peter where Jesus named Simon-Pierre as a spiritual guide (Marc 6:30-46).

Relaxing time and boat ride on Lake of Tiberias.

Traditional lunch: you will eat the ‘good fish’ named St Peter.

Going along the Jordan Valley, we will go to Qasar el Yahud, real place of Jesus baptism in the Jordan waters.

We will enter Jericho, the world’s oldest city. Jesus came there a few times during his ministry. He healed two blind persons and it is also there that Zacchaeus promised to give back four times more the money that he had stolen (Lc 19).

Passage by the Sycamore tree (“he ran and went on top of a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus.”)

Stop at the foot of the Mount of the Temptation.

Dinner and night, at the hotel, in Bethlehem


Day 5

Bethlehem – Qumran – Dead Sea


Visit of Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, the cowshed place (Mat 1,18-25), the Franciscan Church St Catharina, the Milk Grotto, the shepherd’s field where the ‘good word’ had been transmitted.

Daily Mass

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit of Qumran, archeological location in the Essenes village, community of the “Yarad” living in the prayer and in the ritual purification and the sacred texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Apparently, John the Baptist lived there, among those Jewish ascetics.

420 meters under the level of the sea: relaxing and bathing in the salty and therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea.

Relaxing and bathing afternoon at the Dead Sea

Dinner and night at the hotel in Bethlehem


Day 6



Departure to the Mount Olives, visit of the Church of the Pater Noster, the grotto of the Pater Noster

View on Jerusalem’s old city from the top of the Mount Olives, and then we will go down the path of the Palm Sunday, going towards the Church of Dominus Flevit built next to the place where Jesus cried about Jerusalem. We will also visit the church and the necropolis from the 1st century.

We will go to the Garden of Olives, to the Gethsemane, to the Church of all Nations and to Mary’s Tomb (Miriam Orthodox Church).

We will go down the Kidron Valley and we will see the tombs of the Great Priest Zachary at the Tomb of Absalom.

Like Jesus, we will go through the ‘last passage’ to go get back to the old city.

Lunch at the restaurant in the old city

Visit of the Church Santa Anna and the Probatic Pool of Bethesda

We will start our procession by going up the 14 stations of Via Dolorosa (each pilgrim will receive a cross) to reach the Golgotha, the Church of the St Sepulchre. The Anastacia is supposed to honor the holy places of the Calvary and of the Christ’s Tomb.

Daily Mass at the St Sepulchre

Wandering time in the colored souks of the old city

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 7



In the morning: Procession and visit of Mount Zion - the Cenacle, where Jesus gathered his adepts for his last supper – visit of David’s Tomb and visit of the Abbey of the Dormition as well as the Church of St Peter of Galicante

Daily Mass

Lunch at the restaurant

From Zion’s Gate, we will head to the Jewish neighborhood of the old city to stop at the Western Wall, Judaism’s top place and remain of the inside wall of the 2nd temple.

Then we will go towards Jaffa’s Gate next to the Tower of David to visit Jerusalem’s Museum, recalling its history from Abraham’s time until today.

We will go out of the old city to get to Montefiore Windmill, to admire the West coast of the Walls of the old city, to go see the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament and the Knesset Menorah.

Dinner and night in Jerusalem



Day 8

Ein Kerem – Emmaus (Abu Gosh) – Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport


Visit of Ein Kerem, place that honors the Visitation of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Elisabeth, mother of John The Baptist.

Let’s go to Abu Gosh, to see the Emmaus of the Crusaders, one of the most beautiful Crusaders Churches of the Holy Land.

Daily Mass

Lunch at the restaurant

Transfer to the Airport – Our team will assist you for the police formalities

Boarding and takeoff

End of the services… Be blessed

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