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Pilgrimages Israel, Promised Land, Holy Land

A pilgrimage is a personal or collective approach done by the faithful towards a holy place for religious reasons in a faith spirit.

A lot of them want to go into their faith in depth or to know more about the creation, the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, Abraham, father of any monotheistic religion, Moses, Jesus, etc.

Going on a pilgrimage allows disconnecting from the daily life to revitalize oneself in his/her faith.

With Tourism of the World, find your way around the traditions and the sacramental gestures.

In the story of the people of Israel, they are coming from all over the world to the main sanctuaries for some liturgical feasts: Easter, the Feast of the Weeks or Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. The Bible mentions different pilgrimage locations in Israel.

With the construction of the Jerusalem temple by Salomon, the holy city is becoming progressively the place where all the tribes of God’s people are gathering. The people in exile in Babylon remember Jerusalem, spiritual capital that keeps a place in the heart of the Jews from all over the world.

The first Christian texts tell, since the Gospel, “if someone loves me, so that he comes following me”: following the Christ is the definition itself

of the pilgrimage.

For that matter, this leads a few authors to consider that the whole story of a believing life is a pilgrimage.

All of the religious traditions gave the pilgrimage an important place.

The Muslims join the Mecca and Medina to be ‘Hajj’, realize their religious and spiritual quest in Jerusalem (Al Quds), third holy place in the Islam: “an accomplished prayer in Jerusalem Mosque is worth one thousand prayers”

You will never leave Jerusalem as you arrived there !

Christian pilgrimage Evangelical pilgrimage in Israel
Christian pilgrimage, catholic pilgrimage in Israel
Jewish root - Jewish heritage Israel

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