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The pilgrimage is a deep biblical approach. It takes its roots in the tradition of the patriarchs and the prophets.

The Jewish holidays, whose origin goes back before the Antiquity, are celebrated in Israel, in various ways.

They translate into customs and traditions that can be traditional or not;

they print their mark to a lot of aspects of the national life.

Jewish holidays are like landmarks that punctuate the year for the Jews, and especially in Israel. They are part of the daily life, whether it is in the street, at school, in the synagogues, and in any home throughout the country.

Any Jewish person needs to experience the Holidays in Israel and to feel the general emotion felt by all the country.

Day 1

Arrival at Ben Gurion airport

Welcome and reception by our team that will assist you if needed for police and custom formalities

Transfer to the hotel and introduction to your guide

Short visit of the Tel Aviv neighborhoods: Jaffa, Neve Tzedek, Aruza-Bait, Rothschild Boulevard and the declaration of Israel Independence, the Bauhaus architecture, Rabin Square, etc.

Free time

Dinner and night at the hotel in Tel Aviv


Day 2

Caesarea – Zichron Yaakov – Beit Shearim – Rosh Hanikra

Following the breakfast, while going along the Mediterranean Sea, we will visit the remains of Caesarea’s port town, its history, hits greatness, its decadency.

Then, we will wander in the back alleys of the city of the Zichron Yaakov first pioneers to know more about its history. We will also visit its museum; the parks and we will do the Wine Route (to remember the Baron E. Rothschild) and will taste the wines from the Carmel Winery.

Lunch at the restaurant

Discovery of Beit Shearim, central place of the Judaism during the time of the Mishna and Talmud: visit of the tombs and especially the one of Rav Yehuda Ha Nassi.

Let’s go to Rosh Hanikra, soft chalk rock by the sea and coastal boarder with Lebanon.

Dinner and night in a kibbutz hotel in Galilee


Day 3

Safed – Meron – Tiberias

Departure for one of the most important city of the Judaism, Safed, also named the Kabbalistic blue city, founded by Shem, one of Noah’s son and refuge city of the persecuted rabbis during the Inquisition. We will visit the synagogues of Rav Issak Luria (Ari), of Rav Joseph Karo (Shoulhan Aroukh’s author), and we will wander in the artistic back alleys of the old city.

Throughout Mount Meron’s forest, pilgrimage on the sage men’s tombs from Michna and Talmud time, especially Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai’s Tomb. Visit of the grotto and the source of the Rabbi.

Lunch at the restaurant

We will visit Rosh Pina village, then we will go to Tiberias, one of the 4 holy cities of Israel, to go on a pilgrimage on Rav Meir Ba’al HaNess and Moshe Maimonide’s (The RamBan) Tombs.

Short cruise at sunset on Tiberias Lake

Dinner and night at the kibbutz hotel in Galilee


Day 4

The Golan

Departure for Katzrin, ‘The Golan’s Capitale’, visit of the archeological park, remains of a Jewish village from Talmud’s time.

Golan’s Wine Tasting

Let’s go to Mount Bental to recall the Tanks Fights during the War of Kippur in 1973. Panorama on Qunetra, at the boarder with Syria

Lunch at the restaurant

Jeep tour in the Golan’s valleys to discover the fauna and the flora of the region

Let’s go to Tel Hai, place that commemorates the heroic war led by Joseph Trumpledor in 1920

Dinner and night at the kibbutz hotel in Galilee


Day 5

Mount Gilboa – Jordan Valley – Beit Shean – Beit Alpha – Gan Hashlosha – Jerusalem

Mount Gilboa, in Low Galilee, is partly located on the oriental corridor linking the fertile Jezreel Valley to the Jordan Valley. This 500-meter-high cliff is the site where King Saul and his sons Jonathan, Abinadav and Malkishua met their deaths, while fighting against the Philistines. (Sam. 31:2-7)

Visit of Beit Shean, one of the most important biblical hills of the country, recounting the different civilizations that have left their marks in Israel

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit: Beit Alpha, ancient synagogue (from Byzantine’s time), whose mosaics depicting the patriarchs have been miraculously preserved.

Let’s go to Gan Hashlosha National Park (Sachne) to bathe in the ‘Source of Youth’

Stop at Qasar el Yahud, facing Jericho on the Jordan riversides, where the Hebrew people led by Joshua entered the Promised Land.

Let’s go to Jerusalem: stop at Mount Scopus for a first panorama of the old city, for ‘Shehehiyanou’’s prayer, like Abraham did.

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 6

Qumran - Kyriat Arba – Jerusalem   

Departure for the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham, Isaac, Yaakov and their spouses have been buried

Let’s go back to Jerusalem to visit Jerusalem’s Museum

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit: The Temple Institute – explanations and reconstitutions of sacred objects from Jerusalem’s Temple

Let’s go to the Kotel for ‘Kabalat Shabat with Am Israel’, prayers, songs, etc. 

Kiddush at the hotel

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 7




Lunch at the hotel



Let’s go to Jaffa’s Gate for a show and Jerusalem history at the Tower of David

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 8



Visit: City of David – place where Jerusalem started to exist. It is there that King David established his kingdom and where the story of Israel’s people began.

Visit: Tunnels of the Western Wall

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit: the Jewish neighborhood, the Cardo, the Sephardic synagogues, the yeshivas

Visit: Tomb of David at Mount Zion

Let’s go to Yad Vashem, the Shoah Memorial, then passage in front of the Knesset and stop at the Knesset Menorah

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 9

Qumran – Masada – Dead Sea


Qumran: place of the Yahad community where have been found the Dead Sea Scrolls

Masada: we will start by watching an introduction movie (7 min), then we will reach by cable car the top of the place. We will recount the fabulous story of this listed site by Unesco. Discovered by the Hasmonean people, built by King Herod The Great, bastion of the last Zealot Jewish resistant fighters again the Roman oppression, Masada has became a symbol of resistance and freedom for all the peoples.

Lunch at the restaurant

Relaxing time at the Dead Sea – 420 meters under the level of the sea, you will float in the waters of the Dead Sea, after having spread on your body natural mud (that has deep cleaning virtues) and having enjoyed a bath in natural sulfur: you will feel 10 years younger!

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 10


Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport

Assistance by our team if needed for the security control

Boarding… Have a safe flight back

End of the services… Be blessed

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