Marian pilgrimage tour

Ancient devotion to the Virgin, it is at the root of the countless sanctuaries built to honor Mary worldwide,

but also behind the feasts celebrating her.

The Marian pilgrimage is an accomplished devotion act for the Virgin Mary. It is about getting to dedicated sanctuaries where one can strongly feel the Virgin’s presence and spiritual force.

Program example 12 days


Day 1




Welcome and transfer to Fatima (137 km)

Installation at the hotel

Free afternoon

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 2



Full board day in Fatima

Religious Program at the sanctuary (Mass and Prayer)


Fatima, small city of the Portugal, is known thanks to the appearance of The Virgin Mary in 1917 in front of three children of the region. Her appearance is especially extraordinary since it brings three different revelations to each of the kids.

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 3



Departure for a one-day trip around Fatima

Visit: the Alcobaça Monastery (65 km)

Founded in the 12th century by King Alphonso 1, considered as a Cistercian Gothic art masterpiece, included in the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 1989 and in 2007 as one of the seven wonders of Portugal.

We’ll have lunch in Nazaré, authentic port town. The name of the city comes from Nazareth, city of Israel from where a monk brought a statue in the 4th century, according to the legend.

In the afternoon, we will keep on visiting the region by stopping at Bathala to see the Manueline art sanctuary

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 4



After the breakfast, let’s go to Burgos in Spain (631 km)

We will stop to have lunch

We will arrive at the end of the afternoon and we will visit the Cathedral (mass in a chapel of the cathedral)

Third Spanish cathedral after Seville and Toledo, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos is an impressive gothic edifice. The various art pieces located inside turn it into a magnificent museum of European gothic sculpture.

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 5


Early in the morning, let’s go to Lourdes

We will stop on the way at Loyola to have lunch

We will arrive in Lourdes at the end of the afternoon – Installation at the hotel

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 6



Free morning in Lourdes


In the afternoon: trip to Bartres

Visit: Bernadette’s nurse village

Dinner and night in Lourdes

At 8:30 pm: torchlight procession


Day 7



Free morning to go to the pools, the grotto – Mass in the Grotto


Afternoon: Lourdes’ guided tour on foot

We will follow St Bernadette Saubirous’ steps: the house where she was born, the dungeon that was used as a jail where Bernadette lived during the Appearances, the Chapel where she received the First Communion and the Church of her baptism.

We will participate to the Eucharist Procession and to the Ill Persons Benediction at the Sanctuaries.

Dinner and night at Lourdes

At 8:30 pm: torchlight procession


Day 8



Mass at the Crypt

Free morning and lunch at the hotel

Departure for Nevers – Arrival in the evening


Day 9



After breakfast, departure for the Bernadette’s center to visit Bernadette’s shrine and to meditate – Mass

Lunch – then, let’s go to Lisieux

Dinner and night at the religious institution or at the hotel


Day 10



Visit: Lisieux – places where Saint Therese of Lisieux lived

Mass in the Crypt of Basilica St Therese

Lunch at the Hermitage

In the afternoon, we will follow the steps of St Therese, canonized in 1925.

We will see where she lived and we will study her message of trust and love.

Then, we will visit the Cathedral St Peter; symbol of the city’s prestigious past.

Let’s go to Paris: we will arrive in the night

Dinner and night at the religious institution or at the hotel


Day 11



Around 9:00 am, departure for the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal where the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Catherine in 1830 and offered to the world a Miraculous Medal.

Morning mass in the Chapel

After the mass and the visit of the Bac Street, we will go on foot towards the Lazarist Chapel, located in Sevres Street, where the body of St-Vincent-de-Paul is resting.


Free afternoon

Dinner and night at the hotel


Day 12

Paris Airport

Free day – Lunch at the hotel

Check out at 12 pm

Transfer to the airport

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