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Culture & discovery Israel

Tourism of the World offers in its Culture & Discovery Trips category itineraries and excursion for groups or individuals. In that way, they can discover a cultural and historical mosaic where fragrances, tastes, places and civilization colors get mixed all together!

To discover calmly Israel, the itinerary option allows combining story and discovery of this multifaceted country.


Our touristic itineraries range allows you to choose the color you want to give to your trip:

adventure, discovery, history, relaxation, history, etc.

We offer you itineraries with budgets carefully considered and a top-quality service.

The organization of your trip includes all of the necessary terrestrial services.

All of our itineraries and excursions can also be done in private, in couple, with your family, or with your friends. You have the possibility to add to your route different kinds of activities such as a hot-air-balloon tour flight, a horse-ride getaway, a Jeep tour to discover impressive landscapes, or a Jordan river descent by rafting…

Israel, country full of sensations will not fail to move you!

Culture & discovery Israel

Day 2: Jaffa - Caesarea - Haifa - St Jean d'Acre

Departure for the visit of the ancient ancient city of Jaffa (the Joppé of the Bible) with its history and its vestiges of the Egyptian conquest, Canaanite through Jonas, St Pierre, Napoleon ....

Along the coast, visit the Hellenistic port city of Caesarea, erected by King Herod in honor of the Roman emperor Augustus:

According to the acts of the apostles the place of the conversion to the Christianity of the centurion Cornelius to the Frankish period, before passing to the hands of the Mamelukes in the 13th century (multimedia presentation of the history of the city through the eras)

On the way we will stop in Haifa for a splendid panorama over the bay and a general view on the famous gardens of Bahaism.

Visit of the town of Akko (St Jean d'Acre)

Lunch at the restaurant

Acre is one of the most important cities of antiquity, a crossroads between the east and the west. The Crusaders conquered by making it the capital of the Latin kingdom of the holy land, the Ottomans lived there and vanquished the various assaults of Napoleon, the exciting history of this city transpires through its high walls, its subterranean, Its caravanserais, its souk, it fascinates the visitors!


Dinner and overnight at the Kibbutz or hotel in Galilee.

Day 3: Tiberias - Katzrin - The Golan Heights

Head to Lake Tiberias for a visit to the Christian holy places of the ministry of Jesus

Capharnaum (kfar-nahum), a high place of Christianity because Jesus lived in this village and made it the center of his public ministry

Tabgha, site of the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes and the appearance of Jesus after the resurrection, the church st stone or Jesus gave primacy to Simon Peter

Mount of the Beatitudes, it is on this hill that Jesus pronounced the sermon

Eight beatitudes, the famous octagonal church built by Barluzzi is on this site


Lunch fish St stone at Lake Tiberias

Relaxation and boat trip on Lake Tiberias


Visit of katzrin

In the heart of the Golan Heights are the remains of a Jewish village dating back to the Bronze Age as well as the ruins of a village dating back to the Talmud period inhabited 1300 years ago

Visit and tasting of the cooperative of the best vineyards of the Golan.

Discover the fauna and flora of the Golan by Jeep.

Head to Mt Bental for a panorama of the Israeli-Syrian border


Dinner and overnight at the Kibbutz or hotel in Galilee.

Day 4: Nazareth-Beit Alpha- Beit shean-Dead Sea

Visit Nazareth one of the holy Christian cities of Israel:

The city or the tradition the archangel Gabriel came to announce to Mary the immaculate conception by the holy spirit and or grows Jesus until the adult age. The Basilica of Annunciation

The church of St. Gabriel, the well of Mary and the church of the synagogue are in Nazareth

Going down the Jordan Valley we will visit Beit Alpha

We will discover beautiful and strange ruins of a synagogue with splendid mosaics tracing scenes from the bible and the signs of the zodiac dating from the 6th century under the reign of Emperor Justinian.

Lunch at the restaurant

Beit shean

The Egyptians, Philistines, Hebrews, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans who named it Scythopolis, impressed by the centuries of the different civilizations which have left their imprint on them, Magnificent and imposing ruins.

Following the Jordan Valley, we will pass Jericho to Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea


Dinner and overnight at the Dead Sea Hotel

Day 5: Massada - Dead Sea

Breakfast, relaxation and body care at the Dead Sea. At -420 meters below sea level, you will float a book by hand in the salt water, after being coated with natural mineral mud that will cleanse the skin deeply and bathe in natural sulfur baths, you will leave With the impression of having rejuvenated 10 years!

Then direction Massada

Lunch in Massada

After an introductory film (7 minutes) we will reach the summit by cable car, we will rewrite the fabulous history of this site classed by Unesco, Massada discovered by the Asmoneans, built grandiose by King Herod the Great, bastion of the last Jewish resistance, the Zealots, against Roman oppression has become a symbol of resistance and freedom for all peoples

On the way to Jerusalem, we will pass Qumran, the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered

Arrives in Jerusalem -Panorama on the ramparts of the old town


Dinner and overnight at hotel in Jerusalem

Day 6: Jerusalem

The only three times holy city or the three great religions monotheism intersect.

The view of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives will take your breath away and give us an overview of the different districts we visited

Program example Culture & Discovery 7 nights/8 days

Culture & discovery Israel

Day 1
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv

Reception at the airport by the team of Tourisme du Monde Transfer to the hotel - relaxation, discovery and free time in Tel Aviv, the white city that never sleeps!

Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv

Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
Culture & discovery Israel
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