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The wine route

Wine route in Israel

Israel has been doing wine-cultivation for thousands years. Antic tanks have been discovered in various archeological sites of the country, testifying for a passion for wine since the beginning of the agriculture.

Israel’s wine route traverses the country from North to South; it is an original and interesting way to discover this multifaceted country.

From Golan’s to the desert’s heights, going through must-see cities such as Jerusalem, this itinerary combines history, pleasure for the senses and surprises. So since the wine is here, let’s drink it and clink glasses saying “lehaim” (to life)! 

Our “Wine Route” includes visits in each of Israel’s wine-growing regions.

Each property has been carefully chosen for its wine’s originality and its historical importance for the Israeli wine-producing activity.

The discovery of the Israeli vineyards will be combined with meetings with men whose life and story have left a mark on this ground’s life.

We will visit historical, archeological and religious sites all along our itinerary.


“They came to the Eshkol Valley; and there they cut off a branch bearing one cluster of grapes, which they carried on a pole between two of them;

they also took pomegranates and figs.” (Numbers 13:23)




                                                                                9 days / 8 nights program example

Some vineyards require at least three hours of visit, combining the visit of the vineyards, the estate and the tasting.
We will combine our visits between large and small vineyard shop; This interspersed with moments of relaxation and cultural visits.



Day 1

Tel Aviv Airport


Arrival at Ben Gurion airport (afternoon)

Welcome and reception by our team that will assist you if needed for police and custom formalities

Meeting with your guide and driver – Let’s go to Tel Aviv

Check-in at the hotel

Free time in Tel Aviv: Walk on the seaside, shopping, restaurants and bars, etc.

Dinner and night in Tel Aviv

Day 2

Tel Aviv – Caesarea – Zichron Yaakov – Tiberias

Visit: Caesarea’s historical site – we will see the vestiges of the port town, created by Herod the Great, that became the Roman procurator’s capital at the beginning of the Christian era.

Let’s go to Zichron Yaakov where we will visit the Tishbi vineyard (12 pm) during one hour approximately.

Free lunchtime

Discovery of the small town created in 1882 by the “Zion Lovers”: a small wine-growing cooperative initiated and financed by Baron Edmond de Rothschild around 1892. Today, it is a must-see city of Israel’s Wine Route: its lively atmosphere will amaze you.

Visit of Carmel Vineyard, founded in 1882: it is Israel’s oldest vineyard and its story linked to Baron de Rothschild’s one will amaze you.

Let’s go to Galilee

Dinner and night at the kibbutz in Galilee

Day 3

The Golan: Katzrin and Golan’s Heights

Let’s go to the Golan to visit an archeological park recounting the life of a Jewish village from Talmud and Mishna’s eras: antic synagogues, grape and oil pressing-room, remains of basalt houses of the period.

You will watch a short movie recounting life at that time: the explanations and visit will bring you back to Mishna’s era.

Visit and Golan’s wines tasting

Around 1 pm, we will visit a boutique vineyard named BAZELET. Yoav Levy, its landlord will show us the place (the visit lasts approximately 1 hour and a half)

Free lunchtime

At 3 pm, we will visit the Vineyard Ramot in the Golan for a complete experience: wine tasting, explanations, etc. (the visit lasts approximately 3 hours)

Dinner and night at the kibbutz in Galilee


Day 4

Galilee: Safed and the Upper Galilee

Visit and wine tasting at the vineyard Lueria winery: small vineyard whose landlord Gidi will share his passion for wine (the visit lasts approximately 2 hours).

Around 12 pm, let’s to the pastoral village Ramot and let’s discover the family vineyard Ramot Naftali (the visit lasts approximately 2 hours)

Free lunchtime

Short visit of Rosh Pina: pretty village in the region

Let’s go to Safed, one of Israel’s four holy cities, the blue city which is the Kabala’s birthplace. We will visit the city and mainly the synagogues of Ari, Rav Caro, etc.

Dinner and night at the kibbutz in Galilee


Day 5


After breakfast, let’s go to the holy places of Jesus ministry in Galilee

Visit of Capharnaum, Jesus’ city, Tabgha and the Primacy of Peter, Mount of Beatitudes, Tiberias Lake

Lunch at the restaurant where we will eat fish by Tiberias Lake

We will then visit the property “Chateau Golan Winery” overlooking the Yarmouth River: this vineyard is composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirah, merlot, Grenache, small verdo and small sirah.

Let’s go to Mount Tabor to visit and taste the wines of Tabor. It is in a pastoral atmosphere that you will taste this wine coming from a volcanic ground. We will go pick some grapes of this vineyard located around this mount where Jesus experienced the Transfiguration.

Let’s go to Jerusalem

Dinner and night in Jerusalem


Day 6



This is one of the most interesting regions of Israel’s mosaic.

This unforgettable day includes the best of Judaean Hills and the antic city of Jerusalem. This region plays a major role in the Israeli’s wine-growing history.

We will start our day by an amazing panoramic view over Jerusalem’s old city from the Mount of Olives.

We will go down on foot until Kidron Valley, we will pass by the Church Dominus Flevit where are located the Necropolis from the 1st century and we will visit the Gethsemane with its thousands-year olive trees.

It is through the Lion’s Gate that we will enter the Old City to go up the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, where Jesus walked towards the Golgotha. We will also visit the Church of the St Sepulchre where is located the Tomb of Jesus.

Free lunchtime

It is through Jerusalem’s Muslim and Arabic Christian souks that we will arrive to the Jewish neighborhood, the most ancient neighborhood of the old city: we will go to the Western Wall and, from the roofs of the city, we will admire the Golden Dome of the Mosque located on the Esplanade of the Mosques built on the ruins of the 1st and 2nd Jewish temples.

We will end the day wandering in the back alleys of the Old city.

Dinner and night in Jerusalem


Day 7

West Bank – Jerusalem’s Hills

We will start around 10:30 for a 2-hour visit of the property Castel, one of the biggest vineyards in Israel. We will taste some of their most famous wines such as the great wine, before visiting this magnificent estate and its close vineyards.

Free lunchtime

Visit of Ein Kerem: village of Zachary, father of John the Baptist, great priest of the temple.

It is in this village that the meeting of Mary with her cousin Elizabeth; both were pregnant.

Let’s go back to Jerusalem to visit the Tomb of King David and the Cenacle at the Mount Zion where Jesus had his last supper.

We will visit the Jewish neighborhood.

At night, you will have the option to attend a sound and light show at the Tower of David

Dinner and night in Jerusalem


Day 8

Judaean plains


Let’s go to Ayalon Valley where we will remember the story of Joshua who defeated the union of the five kings. We will get to one of the properties located at the bottom of the Judaean Hills: the winery Clos de Gat (meeting at 10 am)

During the 2-hour visit, we will see the place and taste wines from the property.

Free lunchtime

Around 2/2:30 pm, we will meet at the property Flam located between Kisalon River and Hakdoshim forest for a 1-hour visit and wine tasting.

Let’s go to Tel Aviv

We will visit Jaffa (Joppa in the Bible), where is located one of the oldest ports of the world, where Jonas tried to escape God. We will see the house of Simon the Tanner where St Peter brought Tabitha back to life. We will visit the Franciscan Church St Peter, shelter of the lepers of Napoleon.

Free nighttime in Tel Aviv


Day 9

Tel Aviv Airport

After breakfast (or snack according to flight hours), let’s go to the airport

Assistance by our team for police formalities

Boarding and takeoff

End of the services


The vineyards visit hours can be modified according to the imperatives of the moment.

The vineyards visit hours can be modified according to the imperatives of the moment.

Wine route in Israel
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