Muslim pilgrimage in Sacred Land

“Glory to The one who made his Lord travel from the sacred mosque to the furthest mosque that we blessed all around, in order to make him discover some of our signs! God is truth, the audient and the perspicacious” (Quran S17/V1)

Maslid Al Aqsa refers to the complex of Muslim buildings in Jerusalem. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, Haram es Sherif, by the Dome of the rock, the Mosque of Burak and other more modest structures are part of it.

It is considered as the third sacred place of Islam.

According to the Islamic tradition, the Mosque Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem is the place from where Mahomet (blessings and salute for him) started the nocturnal travel (Al-Isra) on the Burak that led him from the Mecca to Al-Aqsa.

Mahomet (blessings and salute for him) tied the Buraq to the Western Wall, prayed on the Noble Sanctuary, then the angel Jibril (Gabriel) travelled with him to the heavens.

The pilgrimage to Al Quds ‘Al Qudus’ is the ultimate consecration for any Muslim person, right after the Hajj. A prayer in Jerusalem is worth one thousand prayers.

We will follow the marks of the different Muslim civilization: from the Umayades to Abassid, from the Fatimids to Seljuquims, without forgetting the Mamluks and Ottoman, they all have impacted the Sacred Land.

8 days/ 7 nights Tour Example

Day 1

Arrival at Ben Gurion airport

Welcome and reception by our team that will assist you if needed for police and custom formalities

Transfer to the hotel and introduction to your guide

Visit: Jaffa and Tel Aviv

Prayer time at Jaffa’s Mosque


Let’s go to Jerusalem

Night and Dinner at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 2


Prayerلشروق at Al-Aqsa

Let’s go the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Hara es Sherif), third Islam’s Sacred place after the Mecca and Medina. Prayers in the Mosque and at the Dome of the Rock

After breakfast, we will visit the site and his various monuments dating back from the pre Islamic time.


Prayerلشروق at Al-Aqsa

Lunch at the restaurant

Visit: Jerusalem’s old city – Holy City for the 3 monotheistic religions – thousands-year-old city where the different civilizations have left their marks.

We will also wander in the souks and discover some important sites such as Omar Mosque.


Prayer العصر at Omar Mosque


Then, we will discover the old city’s neighborhoods: Church St Sepulchre in the Christian neighborhood, the Jewish neighborhood, the Cardo which is the “ancient Roman City”, the Kotel (known as the Western Wall), vestige of the second temple and most sacred place of Judaism, and the Muslim neighborhood with different mosques and archeological remains from the Muslim periods


Prayer المغرب and prayer العشاء at Al-Aqsa or at a mosque next to the hotel

Night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 3


Prayerلشروق at Al-Aqsa

Morning prayers المسجد الاقصى, at Al-Masjid, As Aqsa and Al Qods Mosques القدس


Breakfast at the hotel

Mount Olives: wonderful panorama over the city

You will have the opportunity to understand the city’s complexity, important city for the three monotheistic religions.

Visit: Raba’a Adwieh’s Tomb – She was a dancer and singer during the Abassid Caliphate, who decided to quit the entertainment world to dedicate her life to Islam. She is now one of the most famous women of Islam.

Visit: Salman Al Farisi’s Tomb – He was a companion of Khalief Omar Ben Al Khtab: they went together to Jerusalem in 638.

We will go down through the Palm Sunday Path (Christian name), and we will go in front of different holy Christian places, walking along Jerusalem’s oldest Jewish cemetery.


Prayer الظهر   at Al-Aqsa

 Lunch at the restaurant

Panoramic Tour: Jerusalem’s modern and authentic neighborhoods (Mamilla, Mahane Yehuda, Israeli Parliament…)

Return to the old city for prayers


Prayer العصر at Al Khanqah Al Salahiyya Mosque


Return to the hotel to relax


Prayer المغرب and prayer العشاء at the mosque next to the hotel

Night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 4

BEIT LAHEM بيتلحم-– HEBRON. الخليل  «AL KHALIL».

Prayer لشروق at Al Aqsa


Morning prayers at the Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa and Al Qod Mosques المسجد الاقصى, القدس



Visit: Beit Lahem – Its historical center and the Church of nativity built above the cave where the prophet Aissa may have been born. The Muslim also venerate the Church of Nativity: the tradition tells that Salah El din prayed in the church corner to pay tribute to the prophet Aissa.

Prayer الظهر in Bethlehem

Lunch at the restaurant

In the afternoon, departure for Hebron “Khallil al Rahman”

Visit: Hebron’s old city and the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ibrahim-Isaac-Yacoub).


Prayer in Al-Kalil Mosque


Hebron’s Kasba is full of surprises such as the ancient glass and colorful ceramic factories.


Prayer العصرat Hebron’s Mosque


Return to Jerusalem 

Prayer المغرب and prayer العشاء at the Mosque next tot the hotel

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 5


Prayer لشروق at Al-Aqsa

Morning prayers at Al-Masjid Al Aqsa المسجد الاقصى, and Al Qods القدس Mosques


Departure for Jericho

Visit: Jericho and the Qasr Hisham, at the north of the Osasis, where the Umayyad Caliphate has built a palace (the magnificent mosaic pavements are still there). You will see also the Quarantine Monastery overlooking the Oasis.

Prayer الظهر at Jericho

Lunch at the restaurant in Jericho

Let’s go to the Dead Sea, lowest place of the world, 420 meters under the level of the sea, where you will enjoy the unique experience of floating on the sea.

On the way back, stop at Nabi Musa Mosque: according to the Quran, the prophet Musa-Moses is buried there.

Prayer العصر at Nabi Musa Mosque

Return to Jerusalem

Prayer المغرب and prayer العشاء  at the mosque next to the hotel

Dinner and night at the hotel in Jerusalem


Day 6

AL QUDSالقدس  –  JERUSALEM – HAÏFA حيفاaعكّا, AKKA –  قيسارية – ACRE

Prayer لشروق at Al-Aqsa

The Story of Prophet Eli: the Quran tells how Moses met a young stranger who commits unfair and foolish actions before explaining Moses their deep wisdom (Quran 18/65-82). Although the name of this young man is not mentioned, the later Muslim literature named him El-Khidr (the Green or the Immortal) and associates him Prophet Eli.

Wonderful view over Haifa: over the surprising mausoleum made with a golden dome and magnificent gardens, tomb of a founder of Islam schism in 1844: the Baha’is

In Haifa, one can feel the surprising cultural and religious mix; Haifa represents almost all the monotheist beliefs and their diversities.

Visit: Al Masjid and Al Kabar Mosque, built during the Ottoman time

Prayer الظهر

Visit: the Ahmadiyya’s Muslim Community – community from India that has been living in Haifa since the thirties.

Visit: the Mosque with two minarets

Lunch at the restaurant

In the afternoon, عكّا, Acre: visit and prayer at El-Jazzar Mosque, built at the ottoman time, around 1800, during the reign of Jazzar Pasha, Damas Governor. The tradition is saying that a hair from the beard of the Prophet is located in the Mosque and only visible during Ramadan

Prayer العصر

Visit: the Zawayat El Shadlia – the founder of Shadlia, Movement Sufi that started in Tunisia, is the Sheikh Ali Nur El Din El Yisroti (known as el-Magrabi) said that Prophet Yunus appeared in front of him and ordered him to go to Acre to spread his doctrine and build the Great Zawaya.

Prayer المغرب and prayer العشاء at Acre or the mosque next to the hotel

Dinner and night at the hotel in Acre


Day 7


Prayer لشروق in Acre


Transfer to the airport, assistance for police and custom formalities

Boarding and take off… Have a safe flight back

End of the services

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