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Business trips Israel

Tourisme affaires en Israel

Motivation or reward trips, seminaries, conventions:

We put our knowledge, experience and resources at the service of your company when elaborating

your stay.

We conceive and organize original and tailor-made package events that meet your objectives: win loyalty, reward, motivate, federate, etc.

We are on your side to accompany you in your project’s realization, from the brainstorming to the preparation and obviously to the coordination.

Furthermore, we will put you in touch with the best companies of your field to accompany you in your processes and negotiations.


Business trip in Israel
  • Stimulation stays: it is about an encouragement and acknowledgement program offered by your company to its best clients or employed persons, with whom you have privileged relationships.


  • Motivation stays: the goal is not to reward but to motivate your sale crew thanks to events, communication and group works in order to create a group synergy.


Business trip in Israel
  • Reward stays: your company invites your clients to thank them for their purchases. The goal of this stay is to improve and develop partnerships between the company and your clients to encourage their loyalty. 


  • Promotion stays: you organize this trip to promote and help the increase of your sales. These trips imply factories visits, lectures and a little bit of tourism.


Business trip in Israel


  • Seminaries/Conventions/Lectures: organization of educational talks forums including work sessions. Participation to different fairs, getting in touch with Israeli companies, getting partnerships, getting in touch with English-speaking lawyers, translation of followed documents and report of activities.

Our force: put you in touch with the best companies of your field and get a win-win partnership
based on the truth business.
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